Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trex Mech w. i. p.

Here's a project I started in July 2008. As part of a maquette building workshop. I chopped up a 10 inch blank Trexi and hot glued bits of wire, lego, straw tubing, a chopped up water pistol and some parts from cheap plastic toys. I am currently calling it a Trex Mech for lack of a better term. The 'pilot' is an old 12inch action figure that needs some clothing S:|

Although it looks finished, I am still planning to add some bedrolls and duffel bags. Also plan to layer more weathering onto the paint job. But obviously my fickle interests prevents me from finishing it once and for all. Here's my excuse, I needed to make some buckles for the bedrolls that I want to add on. So I've made a mould based on a Dragon 12 inch figure's buckle. I've only got one of these and I need at least 4 hence the need to cast duplicates. I've also included some mech details on the mould as you can see below:
And finally, I just got this mag from a friend of mine. I normally don't read Art's Projects mag but this one's devoted to character and toy design. Hmmmm...very interesting. I'll be reading this on the bus and possibly the loo for the next week or so. If it's compelling enough I'll post a review on it, stay tuned.

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