Thursday, December 11, 2008

alien bust sculpt w.i.p.

Here's another one of my many ongoing projects. Its a 2 inch high bust of an alien villain character from a current popular animated TV series. I sculpted it during my spare time and finished the sculpt more than a year ago. I've procrastinated till now on casting it so that I can finally paint it. But a few weeks ago, I finally got off my butt, whipped up some latex and courage. After 3 weeks and 5 coats, I got my one piece mould sorted. I quickly made a resin cast so as to procrastinate on procrastinating. As you can see from the photo below, the cast came out fine with the exception of a few airbubbles. The bigger ones on the pocket and eye brow were filled with magic sculpt while the smaller ones on the tip of the teeth was filled with 5 minute epoxy.
All in all not too bad for a month's worth of on and off work. I've got him up to an initial brushed on tamiya acrylic flat black basecoat. Next step after some mini-procrastination is to airbrush on the base colors for skin and shirt. Holidays are coming up, so I foresee having some time to finishe this before the year ends.

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