Monday, December 22, 2008

alien has a name

Part 2 of the alien bust sculpt project. Gha Nachkt is the name of this character, as you can see from the wookieepedia link. I've started painting the sculpt and you can see the current progress pics below:I hand brushed a Tamiya flat black acrylic paint basecoat. Then airbrushed flat white to preshade the bust. A final basecolor of copper mixed with orange was airbrushed on for the head and a field blue mixed with a little flat green for the shirt. Next step is to brush paint the texture details. Not entirely satisfied with the original textures for the character used on the show. It lacked lizard-like detail that would look awesome on a painted 3d bust. So I looked around the internet to find some lizard pics to usea as reference. I saw a cool pic of a forest crested lizard from the flying kiwi web page. Its the 4th picture down on the first right hand column.

Whoever designed Gha Nachkt must have been inpired by the J.F. Sebastian character in Blade Runner! This was played by actor William Sanderson. Check out the collar ;)

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