Sunday, July 15, 2012

PBR progress

Here's some progress on the PBR diorama.

 Spent the weekend detailing the forward gun tub and bridge area. The pictures show some of the details I added and what I used.
I also added some detail to the .50 cal machine guns in the form of solenoid blocks, triggers, and beefed up the cocking handle with some wire insulation. I also drilled out the flash suppressors. Unfortunately I don't have photos of those yet. I'm painting the guns separately that's why I used some Tamiya tape to mask the mounting surfaces. The rigging is making me a bit disappointed. I'd pull the string taut before gluing the joints. After which I thought I'd strengthen it by applying diluted white glue, but for some reason, this caused a sag, something I was making a point to avoid.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bombs Away!

There is an ongoing Airfix Group Build portraying Singapore's Kallang airport as it appeared in 1941 as an RAF airfield during the early days of WW2 in the east. Of course I rarely if ever, build model airplanes, but this was a very interesting project and I wanted to take part by at least building some ground support vehicles.
Here's my first piece, a David Brown Bomb Tractor as used by the RAF.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

back in the water - PBR diorama

 It's the 1st of July, less than 7 months to MCon 2012, time to get back to work on the pibber (PBR) diorama. Here's where she's at - most of the figs have been primed and ready for paint. But on closer inspection, some bits are kinda rough.