Monday, January 18, 2010

Magenta (head part 4)

I made a mould and a few casts of the heads. I primed with Mr. Surfacer and painted with Vallejo Model Color and Andrea Color vinyl acrylics.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Magenta (head part 3)

So I ran out of Sculpey Firm just as I was about to start head no. 4 I scrounged my stash and found some normal sculpey (which I feel is too soft for small details) and some old Fimo. I decided to use the Fiom and re-constituted it with some isopropyl alcohol and diluent, I shaped a cube around some wire and baked it. This was then carved and sanded down to an oval shape close to the size I wanted the head to be. I then proceeded to sculpt details on top with more unbaked Fimo.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Magenta (head part 2)

So here's head number 3. Again done with sculpey firm, this time, without the epoxyputty or beads inside. The image above shows how far I sculpted before the first bake and also the final result after adding details and baking again. This time no problems with cracking whatsoever. The result with this attempt was decent. I felt I achieved the following things:
1.) The face should look feminine.
2.) It shouldn't look too caucasian, a mixed racial look would be preferred.
So although I was not able to hit the mark in terms of look, I felt the head was usable. That is until I compared it to the Krote Mechanic. Head no. 3 felt small and under scale. The scale issue is not so obvious in the photo but was quite severe in reality so I decided to embark on head no. 4 This time, not only would I sculpt a larger head, I would also try a different approach to sculpting the head.