Monday, March 30, 2009

Mazinger Z-tikfas

I'm calling 'im done for now. In fact, he's gone off for a vacation, can you guess where?
One day I gotta get my airbrushed properly cleaned so I can spray a final semi-gloss protective coat on Mr Z here, till then he'll have to wait in the cabinet. Now if you're wondering why you only ever see him in one pose. Why isnt he supposed to be stikfas custom and hence should be poseable? Well you see I built him out of an old stikfas I had lying around. He had yellowed a bit due to sun exposure and the plastic had gotten a bit brittle. The joints started to crack when I put him together so I had to glue him all up. So now he's frozen in that pose, not much action in this figure. Hope none of the baddies come around to bust him up! that an idea for the next stikfas custom?

See here for all the work in progress posts.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mazinger Plas-stikfas Almost Done

Got hit by a stomach bug and put out of action. The consequences are of course I get a chance to catch up on some light activities at home. Mr. Z here is all painted up and almost ready to go! All that's left is a protective spray on varnish and final assembly. Of course I didn't forget the second most important chest pieces for all male Mazinger Z fans. See below:
The pieces were pretty small and I was too weak (lazy) to whip up the old compressor and airbrush, so I decided I'd brush paint them by hand. Problem is that brush marks are so obvious when it comes applying glossy paint. I'm thinking of applying a final layer of envirotex lite gloss varnish. Lets hope it works!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cashless Stash

Happily received this in the mail about a month ago, it's a 1/35 scale model the Centurion Mk 5 battle tank. It's a generous gift from the folks at armorama for my SAS jeep article which won the feature writing contest. You might remember my first ever post is when I mentioned this article.
It also come with a set of metal tracks and resin gun mantlet as seen in the photo.

Mazinger Plas-stikfas all wrapped up

No, I'm afraid it's not wrapped as in finished, instead it's wrapped up in tissue and tape for spray painting. Actually did this about a month ago, it's the second stage in painting. 1st layer was Tamiya Color Racing White from a spray can. After drying for a day or so, I masked and airbrushed on Tamiya acrylic Blue color mixed with a bit of Field Blue and Clear. The result is what you see in the pic.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Painting Richard's Mind

Hi all, I got new link today. A very talented concept artist and an excellent sculptor as well (I wish he'd post some photos of his sculpt on his blog!) I enthusiastically present Richard Lim.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tekkon Kinkreet WHITE

Acting on a tip off from my daydreaming friend, I hastened down to the local Jap book store and bought my first Art book this year. Splurged S$72 yesterday for a copy of "The Art of Tekkon Kinkreet White".In these foul economic times, the book was still worth the moolah I spent on it. (So what is a blog these days without mentioning the economy?) This hardbound coffee table book is filled with inspiring full color images of the background plates used in the animated movie Tekkon Kinkreet (a word play on the Jap words for Reinforced Concrete). If you love nicely rendered urban vistas that are bursting at the seams with incredibly detailed handdrawn perfection, well then this book is definitely for you. IMHO though, there are 2 things that will make this book even better - bigger size and more characters. I'm a character kinda guy and prefer to have characters set in the backgrounds, but that's just me.

This book will go well with my "The Art of Tekkon Kinkreet Black", which I got a last year for some forty odd dollars or so.