Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ghazghkull Rising

This version of Games Worshop's Ghazghkull white metal figure came out in sometime mid-2000. Part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the half ork half machine warlord was the scourge of the imperium. This awesome sculpt by Brian Nelson is loaded with lots of deliciously tiny details. It's just to good to resist painting.
So I reckon I got mine around the time it came out - about 8 years ago. Kept it in the box until 2006 when I took it out and assembled it. Early 2008 is when I got the courage to paint it. I got to about 80% finished before procrastination set in. In the meantime, I had thought about incorporating the fig in vignette to show the fierceness of this creature. The image below shows Ghazghkul's current painted stated and the mockup for the vignette.
The human figure is converted from a 1/48 scale aircraft carrier crewman and he will be holding some sort of blaster weapon pointed at our green and red dude.

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