Monday, February 16, 2009

Art Book Blogs

Someone posted a comment on my post about the Wow cinematic art book. This led me to his blog here. Looks interesting... Thanks Parka!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stainless Jeep The Beginnings

Mabuhay! At the start of the year, I've hinted on a "never before seen here" project - a 1/72 scale Stainless Jeep. A.K.A. the "Owner Type" Jeep, its the little brother of the more internationally known "pam-pasaherong" jeep or jeepney. Its origins dates back to over 60 years ago when the first jeeps served in the second World War. The stainless jeep's appeal is firmly imprinted into the pinoy psyche.
During a recent trip to the Philippines, I was surprised - though I shouldn't have been - to see that the owner jeep is still very much alive and kicking up the dust on the roads of Manila. In my short time there, I must have seen at least 2 dozen jeeps of varying configuration with no 2 vehicle exactly alike. Although I have seen an art piece stainless jeep (in a singapore museum) covered entirely in stainless steel, the real thing is usually composed of sheet Galavanised Iron body work fitted with various stainless steel fittings. The picture above is a good representation of the typical configuration and I've listed the main features I wish to represent in my little model. More on this next time...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Metal Gha Nachkt

I haven't put this baby (ugghhh) to rest. Here's an alternate metallic version I made.
Click here for the progress posts.

Mazinger Plas-stikfas

I managed to finish all the mods I wanted to make on my custom mazinger stikfas. Here's how it looks in all it's bare plastic (and metal and wood) glory!
Next step is to prime and paint. I don't know if it's the age of my stikfas, but the plastic seems to have gone brittle on me. The sockets cracked when I connected the limbs, so I had to super glue the figure into the current pose. There goes playability!