Saturday, September 19, 2009

Head Sculpt Primed

More pics of the head, this time primed with silver spray paint. There's some unevenness on the forehead that I've got to sand away. After that, it will be time to make the mold.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Head Sculpt unpainted

Here's a head sculpt that I am almost finished with. Its done with sculpey and if I am not mistaken, I started this sculpt about 3 years ago or possibly more. The different sculpey roughly represent the different times I've worked on it. The white and light flesh colored was what I started with, finishing with the grey firm sculpey. After baking, I added magic sculp (epoxy putty) for the eyebrows and eyeballs. There was a long break (more than a year) where the unbaked sculpey started to crack, I had to patch these up with fresh sculpey.
This may eventually be part of a custom 12 inch action figure, and I might be able to make a small amount available to anyone who would be interested.
Can you guess which character this headsculpt is supposed to be?

Monday, September 7, 2009

mech popper popped!

I've finally added the last few bits of paintwork on the mech popper. Rubbed on some old dry transfer numbers and then drybrushed some metallic paint to break up the outline. I then sprayed on some greenish metallic tint to soften the harsh drybrushing. I followed this with a couple of oil washes. When dry, I touched up with a little bit more selective drybrushing. Hope you guys like it!I took some mood photos with a bit of post processing.Click here for in progress pics.