Friday, December 26, 2008

Diecast Totoro Bus

I got a wonderful treat from a friend of mine last week. He gave me a miniature diecast replica of the commuter bus from the Miyazaki animated movie Totoro purchased from the Ghibli museum. Awesome! Click on the highlited words to find out more about this movie. Meanwhile, the miniature bus comes with a bus stop sign and 2 ultra mini totoros.The bus itself features a simple interior (no passengers or driver), rubber tires and clear plastic windows. The box also comes with a small picture (printed on cardboard) of the scene from the movie where the girls are waiting for their father to come home on the bus at night just after the rain.
Now the gears in my mind started a churning - a potential project! How about nice little shadow box diorama of the scene complete with driver and passengers, lit lamp post, rain effect and of course scratchbuilt figs of the girls, totoro and the umbrella? Would be nice, but I guess this will be anothe one of those ideas filed away in the back of the long list of projects. We'll see, we'll see.

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