Sunday, July 4, 2010

Portrait of Porco Rosso

Been wanting to do this piece ever since I got this FineMolds kit of the Savoia S.21 Seaplane from Hayao Miyazaki's animated feature film Porco Rosso. I must say that this is one of if not my most loved animated film of all time.
I know it's kinda silly, but who could not love a movie whose main protagonist is a grumpy middle aged fighter pilot that also happens to be a pig! Anyway, the original injection plastic figure in the fine mold's lit is 4 cm high and scales to about 1/35 (Porco is shorter than the average 6 foot guy). I redefined some of the molded detail with magic sculpt and made a cast.
I primed the figure with gunze surfacer 1200 from a spray can, followed by an airbrushed basecoat of tamiya acrylic paint. The image above shows what colors were used.
This is only the first step. The figure looks disparate and flat, also the different colors aren't quite sitting together nicely. All this will be fixed once we proceed to the next step which is shading.

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