Saturday, July 31, 2010

Portrait of Porco Rosso 2

Boy am I glad I stopped procrastinating on this figure, it's a joy to paint! I laid down some shading, again using a mixture of Vallejo and Andrea Color vinyl acrylic paints. Sorry I can't list the exact color mixture as I mix them as I go.
In mixing the colors for the shades and shadows, I aimed to avoid a monotone look. Here are some basic guides to the color I used.

Khaki Coverall shading - a darker version of the base color but with some greenish hue
Skin Shading - browns and reds for the darks and some ochre wash for the midtones
Leather boots - I used the khaki shading color but mixed in some black
White scarf and gloves - a light gray with a bit of bluish tones.

I painted some specular hilites on the goggle and spectacle lenses.

Shading with acrylics is tricky and most techniques I've read up on involved multiple passes of very thinned paint (like a glaze) to blend the colors. I've tried to follow this but tried a bit blending technique that is similar to what water color artists use - apply the color and then quickly blend with a clean moist brush.

Stay tuned for the next part - hilites.

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