Saturday, July 31, 2010

book binge 2010 part 2

Part 2 of the book binge happened because of holiday trip to taipei.
Without further ado, here's the list:
1.) Hyperweapon 2009 - (had a chance to get 2008 but stopped myself, now I wish I got it, this one's not too bad but I still prefer the 2007 version over 2009)
2.) The Figure Complex
3.) How to Make Figure 2 (Kotobukiya)
4.) Armour Modelling August 2010 (special feature on female 1/35 plastic military figures)
5.) Motto Tanoshii Miniature Craft (chinese version)
6.) Old Days but Good Days (Takuji Yamada dioramas)
7.) Mari Inukai art book (


EY said...

Hi, nice blog. I was wondering if HyperWeapon 09 only covered large spacecraft. Also, what does HyperWeapon 07 cover?

orange3D said...

Hi EY,

Hyperweapon 2009 does cover some of the smaller crafts such as fighters and bombers from Yamato 2220. It also shows the vipers and raptor from battlestar galactica. If you're into sci-fi space ships then it's a really nice book. Have you seen the HLJ link to this book

As for hyperweapon 2007 - it covers the following:
Dive Another Infinity, Dragon's Heaven, City In Rabylinth, Geo, Ice, Last Exile, and a bunch of other stuff.

Looking at it now, 2007 features mostly mech and shows a lot of models while 2009 is mostly space craft and mostly drawings and CG models the only photos of physical models are of yamato 3 and the original battlestar galactica.

EY said...

Sounds like 09 is not for me then, but I'll have to look for 07...