Saturday, July 31, 2010

Portrait of Porco Rosso 3

I'm trying a different technique, for the hilites, I'm using oil paints!
This is the first time I'm trying this. I'm trying to get a smoother transition between the various colors which is hard to get when using acrylic glaze. So I'm trying a drybrush technique with oil paint to add the hilites. Here are some color guides:

Khaki Coverall Hilites - again to avoid a monotone look, I'm using 2 hilites colors, a greenish ochre hilite and a warm buff light hilite.
Skin hilites - I used a warm pinkish flesh hilite color.
Scarf and Gloves - Titanium White

At this point, the figure is pretty much finished. I'll go back and look at it next week and do some touch ups. I've been thinking about and still undecided on whether I should do a shadow box type of display for him. Stay tuned!

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Gekko Boss said...

Turned out really well, you should be very happy with that!