Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pibber Primed

Time is running out, only 2 months till the Mcon 2012 in november.
So I've spent the past couple of weekends priming as much as I can to prepare for painting. One of my favorite things in modelling is piling the vehicle with the crew's gear, and the PBR definitely provides a lot of opportunity to do this, but man, that's a lot of separate bits to paint.
 Also because of the way difficult to reach corners, I've split up sub-assemblies for painting. The last big part that hasn't been primed is the canvas tarp over the coxswain/bridge. I've still got to detail and attach the overhead spotlight and flagpole to that piece before I can prime that.
Also still missing are several C-Ration boxes that I've yet to print. More to come...

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