Monday, September 17, 2012

PBR painted

After a marathon weekend session of weathering, here are some results. Painting was finished the weekend before. As usual I airbrushed Tamiya acrylics as the overall basecoat with some pre-shading. The red bottom was also Tamiya acrylic.
This weekend is all about weathering.
I started by chipping, which was accomplished using a sponge and citadel and valejo acrylic paints. Various details were then brush painted by hand. Followed with a light airbrushing of a dust color Tamiya paint mix (heavily diluted) on horizontal surfaces and the sides of the hull. 
 Next is the painstaking multiple application of pigment to simulate the dust surfaces. I used two pigment colors blends fixed in place with Tamiya Acrylic paint thinner. As a final touch, I simulated wet areas by selective applying a slightly tinted mix of Future Floor varnish. For the sides, this was stippled on with a torn up piece of polyfiber cushion filler. For the splatter, I loaded a brush with the mixture and blasted some air from the compressor. I also used a filbert brush to apply the stains.

At some point I decided to call it done (for now) and moved on to the next step which was to attach the model to the base. I then stretched out some poly fiber cushion filler and attached those using acrylic gel medium. The gel was also worked into the fiber to bind the loose fiber and help shape the "foam". The gel medium will dry clear, so I will still need to paint in some white foam effect later on.

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