Monday, September 27, 2010

magenta (molds)

I wrapped up the sculpting of the masters last week. The past few days have been busy with looking for local resin caster and so far no luck. I've expanded my search overseas but still have a few local leads to follow up before resorting to overseas suppliers.
In the meantime, I've also been making molds for the masters. 2 reasons: 1.)I can duplicate the masters before shipping them overseas for production. 2.)If I can't find a suitable supplier, I'll resort to casting the parts myself. (I'm really trying to avoid this) Wish me luck~ I'll need it.


Chad Verrill said...

So you were able to find a company that will cast your parts? Did they build up the sprue situation r did you do that ahead of time?
I have been editioning a figure the past couple weeks and I get frustrated with some results as well as kind of sick from the fumes sometimes.

orange3D said...

Yeah, I was able to find someone who had access to vacuum equipment and he was able to do a really good cast (check my online store).
Make sure you work in a well ventilated area, those fumes are toxic!