Tuesday, September 7, 2010

magenta (head & helmet)

After 4 days of sculpting and re-sculpting Magenta's head, I have a new found respect for the Roger Saunders. Roger Saunders is a master sculptor for Hornet's line of resin replacement head sets in 1/35~1/32 scale. This scale is almost half the size of the scale Magenta is being sculpted in, the amount of detail and finesse that goes into the Hornet heads has to be seen to be believed. In fact these heads are the unspoken standard against which all other 1/35 heads are measured against. I can only keep toiling to reach half the level and I would be a happy and fulfilled miniature sculptor.
By the way, this is head number 6.5. I wasn't happy with the helmet and head number 4 sculpt seen here. Partly because of the helmet but mostly because of the nagging feeling that the facial features weren't crisp enough. So I sculpted head number 5 which had better definition but turned out to be too big and still wasn't happy with the eyes. Head number 6 had good eyes but the nose and mouth were too small, so I carved those out and re-sculpted. The helmet was then sculpted on top of that. The tan on her face is the result of too much heat during one of the many many baking sessions. Can I say that the nose and mouth should still be improved?
The helmet still needs some bolt detail.

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