Thursday, September 16, 2010

magenta (base)

Back to magenta. Spent some time to sculpt a base for her. Something that represents the rocky and inhospitable terrain of Magenta's world. The first attempt was done by putting some celluclay on a plastic lid and sticking some rocks on top. Hmm, it's a little too big and the rocks seem to point all over the place. Second attempt was done with a sculpey patty. I tried to break up the shape as much to get a rocky feel and not look like lumpy hamburger. The rock texture was made by pressing some rocks (of course) onto the soft sculpey before baking. After that, I carved the base a bit more to break up the outline and added some peaks to some of the rocks to sharpen it up. Well that's it, I'm off to continue my search for a suitable resin casting service, wish me luck!

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