Monday, August 30, 2010

Magenta Sculpt (uh oh)

Since this sculpt is planned as a kit, I sculpted the arms separately. The danger with this is that you can't see the overall shape of the figure and you might be heading in the wrong direction as I found out. One of the things I loved about Ray's original design was the bottom heavy look of the character. This reinforces a youthful girlish look for magenta. In my initial test fit of the arms, it was obvious that the shoulders were too wide. I figured I could do a bit of trimming on the shoulders to narrow it down and make it truer to the original design. After a couple of hours of trimming just around the shoulder area, I got to the result that you see in the middle of the image above.However I am still not satisfied. When sculpting, it's acceptable to deviate slightly from the design sketches however this proportional discrepancy totally gave a different feel to the character. The problem is the torso, it's too wide. Women's shoulders are generally narrower than their hips, a very important proportion when sculpting female characters. This is definitely a redo - I'll have to go in there, carve out a significant part of the torso and re-sculpt.Some good news is that the overall posing of the arms seems to be working when viewed from the other angles.

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