Thursday, August 26, 2010

Magenta (arm sculpt B)

Time to dive in , there's no avoiding it. I've labeled the steps on the image. I also wrapped some foil around the brass tube where the hand holds it. This is so I can easily remove the tube after baking. I also epoxied the wrist to the foil so that the arm doesn't move while I'm sculpting the hand. I tried to keep the left arm the same size as the right one. Pay close attention to the distances between the sleeve, elbow and glove edges. The really tricky bit was the hand itself (actually I'm still a hundred percent happy with it). I started sculpting the hand but when I compared it to the other arm, I realized the forearm looked too long. So I added the glove edge first and re-sculpted the hand. Same as the other hand, I'll have to add the knuckles after the second bake. Next up...shoulder and elbow pads!

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