Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Magenta (arm sculpt A)

So not totally convinced on what I should do with the boots, I proceeded to sculpt the arms.
The photo shows the steps. The trick is to have a firm place to hold the piece while sculpting and avoid messing up other parts that haven't been baked. The thing about working in sculpey or any soft clay for that matter is that it's harder to get fine sharp edges and detail. So in the case of the hand, I'll need to go in and add some knuckles later on.The left arm is another issue altogether. She'll be holding the data staff and so the hand needs to be sculpted in a way that it really looks like she's holding it. To make this possible, I fixed a brass tube in the position I want the staff to be later on. This could be a real tricky proposition, so I'll take a breather before I start on it. Stay tuned!

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