Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bazooka Joe 2

Some good progress on B. Joe. I decide he'll be wearing a winter coat with his web gear worn over it. He's got a scarf wrapped around his head too.

All courtesy of my ever trusty magic sculp. I've replaced the head with a more detailed and "to scale" resin copy of a soft plastic head from an esci spetnatz figure. Helmet came from a really old esci hard plastic G.I. fig. Arms are more resin copies from miscalleneous 1/72 scale figure manufacturers. The backpack is a resin cast of an original sculpt I made. Added some webbing gear made from copy paper. The bazooka itself is from the Valiant miniatures figure set. I drilled out the ends with a pin vise. It's temporarily attached by a bit of blu tac. He's still missing his ammo bag for the bazooka rounds and the left hand has to be rotated to sit better on the bazooka.

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