Monday, March 2, 2009

Tekkon Kinkreet WHITE

Acting on a tip off from my daydreaming friend, I hastened down to the local Jap book store and bought my first Art book this year. Splurged S$72 yesterday for a copy of "The Art of Tekkon Kinkreet White".In these foul economic times, the book was still worth the moolah I spent on it. (So what is a blog these days without mentioning the economy?) This hardbound coffee table book is filled with inspiring full color images of the background plates used in the animated movie Tekkon Kinkreet (a word play on the Jap words for Reinforced Concrete). If you love nicely rendered urban vistas that are bursting at the seams with incredibly detailed handdrawn perfection, well then this book is definitely for you. IMHO though, there are 2 things that will make this book even better - bigger size and more characters. I'm a character kinda guy and prefer to have characters set in the backgrounds, but that's just me.

This book will go well with my "The Art of Tekkon Kinkreet Black", which I got a last year for some forty odd dollars or so.


Parka said...

I didn't know there were two version. What's the difference?

orange3D said...

White has about 15% more pages. Full color backgrounds from the movie. Black on the other hand, is a mixed selection of colored and b&w line drawings of the background plates used in the movie. B&W line drawings are not sketches but are actually very detailed finished drawings before coloration. Both are very highly recommended for background illustrators.