Monday, March 30, 2009

Mazinger Z-tikfas

I'm calling 'im done for now. In fact, he's gone off for a vacation, can you guess where?
One day I gotta get my airbrushed properly cleaned so I can spray a final semi-gloss protective coat on Mr Z here, till then he'll have to wait in the cabinet. Now if you're wondering why you only ever see him in one pose. Why isnt he supposed to be stikfas custom and hence should be poseable? Well you see I built him out of an old stikfas I had lying around. He had yellowed a bit due to sun exposure and the plastic had gotten a bit brittle. The joints started to crack when I put him together so I had to glue him all up. So now he's frozen in that pose, not much action in this figure. Hope none of the baddies come around to bust him up! that an idea for the next stikfas custom?

See here for all the work in progress posts.


Hemish said...

Thats really cool, would love you to come and post your stikfas stuff over at

Anonymous said...

Very cool, love your design

Eldritch said...

Nice work! I just put up a post on my blog all about Stikfas: custom mods and webcomics and stop-motion animation, all that good stuff.