Monday, May 12, 2014

WW1 tank - washed to get dirty

The wash is done, and I'm quite pleased with the results. Having a 1 year old at home makes me want to avoid using solvents.

So I've been experimenting with doing a wash using acrylics without getting tide marks. This current method seems good. It's a mixture of walnut colored water based stain, liquitex slow-dri blending medium, matte medium and a small amount of water. The surface is moistened with clean water applied using a wide flat brush. Then a pointy water color brush is used to apply the wash in spots. Work in small patches and soak off or wipe the excess wash with a clean brush before it dries. It's a rather slow method though as the whole tank took almost 2 hours to complete the wash.
There's a massive sink hole at the rear axle. I'll cover it up with mud, hehe. :)
 That painted vision slot is looking ugly, I'll tidy up with paint.
Next steps, some highlighting via dry brushing and chipping.

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Rodger said...

I will have to try your wash method sometime. Looking very good!