Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hodge podge WW1 Tank

 Here's a hodge podge WW1 tank. I bought this Airfix kit on a whim with the intention of building one of these classic tanks carrying a fascine. Airfix's WW1 tank that is somewhat of a mix of mk I and mk II details, unfortunately,

  I couldn't find any photo of this mark carrying a fascine. So I decided to incorporate some Mk IV details (rail, muffler, stowage box) onto the Airfix model. To be technically accurate, the rear section (plus a few other details) should be modified to accurately represent a Mk IV. But, yeah, nah, I wanted a quick build and happy to come up with this hodge podge WW1 tank. Next time I want a Mk IV, I'll get me one of those Emhar kits.


Rodger said...

Still, it looks great to me! Well done.

orange3D said...

Thanks rodger!