Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vietnam River Rescue (formerly known as PBR diorama)

Finally completed and just in time for MCon 2012.
Enjoy the pics!


USS-Prizuttu said...

Very good work!!!Your river is so realistic and your PBR is very nice.
Well done!!!!


Brian Crowley said...

Fantastic job. I love the work you did on the water -- very realistic. And you captured the action perfectly.

Brian Crowley said...

Fantastic job. The water is great -- looks very realistic. You also captured the action perfectly.

Richard Pottier said...

Tho' it was built a while ago, I just wanted to pop in and tell you I think your diorama is AWESOME !
Could you explain how you achieved such an excellent result with the water ? What product, what brand, what paint to colour the resin, ...
Thank you in advance.

orange3D said...

Hello Richard,
Thanks for the complement! The water started out as carved styrofoam with a layer of celluclay like material on top to sculpt the finer details. A silicon rubber mold was then made from this master. I then made a cast using Gedeo Crystal Resin tinted with very tiny amounts of Tamiya Flat green acrylic paint. When the resin has cured, I airbrushed a greenish brown mixture of Tamiya Acrylic along the sides. Followed by generous amounts of Tamiya Clear.
An additional layer of Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel Medium was applied on the top surface to sculpt the final details and integrate the Pibber to the water.
The white water was made with a combination of Poly Fiber material (the kind used to stuff DIY pillows) and Acrylic modelling paste mixed with gloss varnish and glass beads.
You can see more in progress photos here: