Saturday, April 2, 2011

Can you smell what the Sgt.'s cooking?

My latest project, another 1/72 scale figure conversion. This time it's DC comics' Sgt. Rock character. I've always wanted to do a figure with the iconic machine gun bullet belt slung on both shoulders and this character was perfect for it.
Again, I started out with Valiant miniatures 1/72 WW2 GI's using these for the arms and legs. Had to carve out the sleeves from the arms as the Valiant figures wore long sleeves. I got the bare torso from Esci's Vietnam War US marines. These are soft plastic, so I recast them in resin for the conversion. The bulkiness of the Valiant figures becomes very apparent when you compare it to the Esci figure. I decided it was easier to bulk up the torso rather than slim down the legs. This was done with magic-sculp 2 part epoxy putty. The grenades and sleeve extensions were also done this way. To complete the detailing, I added copper wire grenade handles and photo-etch .30 cal bullet belts from O3Dminiatures Jeep upgrade set. The weapon sling was added using a strip of paper. Still missing from the photos are the helmet straps and bayonet blade. The original figure had the bayonet blade, but I scraped it off. I then realized it would be hard to get rid of the handle, so I'm going to add a new blade using plastic card.
Stay tuned for the painted up version coming soon!

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