Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - and my resolution!

Happy New Year everyone!

My 2011 resolution:

Not spend any new money on toys/models.

That means, if I want to buy any new models or toys, I can only use money generated by the sale of an old (currently in my possession) toy/model (built or unbuilt).
Proceeds from the sale of magenta or other orange 3d miniatures products counts as new money (so I can't use that to buy new models/toys).
This serves as a double edge sword of saving money and space in the flat.
Unfortunately I was not able to do a last minute model buying spree, was tempted to.
Currently limited to toys/models (including aftermarket parts).
But I can still purchase tools, paints, books etc. :) This might be next year's resolution? :(

I have not yet determined if I can make an advance purchase with the caveat of having to sell something within a month. Hoo boy, this could get complicated.

Current balance US$0.00

What's yours?


Anonymous said...

To not spend any money at Wonderfest in the US or Wonderfestival in Japan. No money on things with "wonder" in the title!!! And to continue to port my older content over to - I've been lax!

orange3D said...

wah?! wonder festival, oh man, my dream to go there one of these days! if i ever make it, i'll have to break my new year's resolution :)