Saturday, October 23, 2010

magenta wip

Ah, I sat down and did this in one sitting. To be honest, I haven't built a resin kit for quite some time now. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the resin my friend used. It's easy to saw, carve, sand and drill. The feel is quite similar to working with model kit plastic. Because of this I was able to build up to this point in one sitting. Happiness...

If anyone decides to buy this kit (I hope they do), I've got to warn you, the left arm carrying the staff was a bit of a pain to align properly. Also the photo-etched straps are very fiddly.

Well next up is the do up the staff and add in the metal pieces. Actually I'm still waiting on the final metal pieces to come from the supplier. The one's I've used here are from the test run.

I did an oil paint wash to make the resin easier to photograph, now I wish the photo-etch bits would show up better in the photos.

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