Thursday, September 17, 2009

Head Sculpt unpainted

Here's a head sculpt that I am almost finished with. Its done with sculpey and if I am not mistaken, I started this sculpt about 3 years ago or possibly more. The different sculpey roughly represent the different times I've worked on it. The white and light flesh colored was what I started with, finishing with the grey firm sculpey. After baking, I added magic sculp (epoxy putty) for the eyebrows and eyeballs. There was a long break (more than a year) where the unbaked sculpey started to crack, I had to patch these up with fresh sculpey.
This may eventually be part of a custom 12 inch action figure, and I might be able to make a small amount available to anyone who would be interested.
Can you guess which character this headsculpt is supposed to be?

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