Sunday, June 7, 2009

Book Binge 1a

Apparently the book binge wasn't over just yet. I ordered this about a month ago and it came in about a week after the first book binge. 2 back issues of minitracks, a small scale modeling specialist magazine from France. Just had to check Patrick Lapalu's articles on making 72nd scale figs and it's a good thing it's bilingual. I ordered them online from Tracks and Troops. Lovely magazine but the cost of shipping from Europe to Singapore is about the price of 1 copy of the mag. Bummer but highly recommended. This lot cost me around S$62.
And the binge goes on. This military reference trio came from a local bookstore. Not where I'd normally find this kind of stuff but what the hey. The machine gun book outlines the invention and development of automatic guns from the 1800's to today. Ties in nicely with my braille scale WW1 Maxim MG 2 posts down. The Mechanized Warfare book is huge. Around A3 size, but cost only S$30 before discount. This one has nice big photos of tanks in action from WW1 to present day. The only downer was the use of modern day photos of WW2 re-enactors without mentioning this in the captions. There was a photo of a Tiger and Stug "in action" and the stug was a modern recreation based on a modern tank chassis, same with the tiger. This can be quite misleading and there should have been a mention of this in the captions.
This lot set me back by S$50.

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